Other resources

  • Decision Support Framework (2015)
    The Decision Support Framework was designed to help partners to make transparent decisions on the uses and funding of observations
  • Efficiencies in Observations (2013)
    A UKEOF project to find efficiencies and improvements in monitoring. The project had two phases; the first looked at national geographical coincidence in 2011/12 and the second carried out a case study in a specific location in 2013/14
  • Coordinating Climate Observation (2011)
    This project sought to improve understanding of the relevance of UK climate-related observation activities to the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Essential Climate Variables (ECVs), identifying those UK observations that contribute to GCOS and assessing where there are gaps in knowledge about UK observational data supporting the ECVs
  • Statement of Need (2010)
    The Statement of Need was a review of all the environmental observation requirements for the UK and the evidence required to answer major environmental issues and scientific questions
  • Sustainable Funding Mechanisms (2008)
    A UKEOF activity designed to help move forward with actions to make funding mechanisms for environmental observing in the UK more sustainable