Technologies to gather natural environment data

On 7 June 2017, Scottish Natural Heritage organised a 'Sharing Good Practice' event in Perth, Scotland, on the theme of using new technology to gather data about the natural environment. The event was a day of sharing knowledge and experience, problem solving and collaboration.

SNH logo - dual languageTechnology is coming to our aid by becoming smarter, more accessible and more influential. The aim of this partnership event was to share case studies demonstrating the use of a variety of technologies including satellite and thermal imagery, DNA species detection and surveillance, tracking and tagging and other 'new' emerging technologies. There were opportunities to discuss these game-changing examples and tools, such as the NBN Atlas, and to address any issues arising from these new technologies including data management.

The presentations given at the meeting are available here. They covered the following themes:

  • The Technological Landscape (Tom August, CEH)
  • Satellite Imagery (Shona Nicol, GI-SAT, Scottish Government)
  • Thermal Imaging in Ecology (Reudi Nager, University of Glasgow)
  • Tracking and Tagging (Bob Furness, SNH)
  • NBN Atlas (Christine Johnston, National Biodiversity Network)
  • eDNA and Plant Pathogen Metabarcoding (David Cooke, JHI)
  • Capture and ingestion methods for geoscientific data (Alison Fernie, Garry Baker, Diego Diaz Doce & Nikki Smith, BGS)
  • The RAFE Digital Strategy

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