Citizen Science (Working Group)

  • CSWG Chair: Rob Grew (EA)
  • Secretariat Lead: Michael Pocock
  • Secretariat Support: Hannah Risser

Citizen science can broadly be defined as the involvement of volunteers in science. It has a vital role in scientific research and education, and the potential to help meet some of the challenging demands of environmental monitoring at the national scale. This gives citizen science a clear relevance to government policy across the UK, and puts citizen science firmly on the agenda for UKEOF.

Our role

The UKEOF Citizen Science Working Group aims to provide a forum where member organisations can share good practice and discuss future needs and plans for working with volunteers to provide high quality, environmental observation data.

As part of regular citizen science working group, members provide updates about their organisation's initiatives to inform the wider community of areas of work or planned events.


The CSWG has produced a variety of outputs, including the following key briefing notes and reports:

Cover of UKEOF report on the impacts of COVID-19 on environmental citizen science   Future of citizen science leaflet (front cover)   Data management planning for citizen science (front cover)

 costbenefit_small   Guide to Citizen Science





Member organisations

Members are representatives of the broad environmental citizen science community and /or those with specific technical and/or policy relevant roles at a UK, European or international level. Participation is open to central and local government, academia, and research, the private and voluntary sector from across the devolved administration.

Membership is flexible so if you would like to get involved or find out more information please contact the secretariat on

Current member organisations are:

Note: Names followed by an asterisk* indicate corresponding members of the group.

From our Partners

Met Office WOW (Weather Observations Website) - share your weather observations, weather impacts and weather-related photos


Further information

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Terms of Reference

Citizen Science Working Group Terms of Reference (updated December 2016)