Resources from our partners

From our partners

Selected resources provided by UKEOF's partners are listed here. They have all previously been featured on our website, in our 'From our Partners' panels.

Resource UKEOF partner(s) More information

Enabling a Natural Capital Approach (ENCA)


Guidance for policy and decision makers to help them consider the value of a natural capital approach.

Earthquake information


Includes details of recent earthquakes in Britain and other parts of the globe, online data feeds, a searchable database of earthquakes and survey aimed at the general public to help gather information tremors felt by people.

Environment Platform Wales

Welsh Government

Natural Resources Wales

"Environment Platform Wales aims to increase the quality and relevance of evidence available for environmental management and policy making in Wales. We do this by supporting researchers to engage directly with Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales through workshops and working groups and by supporting the development of large-scale funding applications that have direct relevance to Welsh policy makers."

CEH training courses

CEH CEH offers a range of training courses, some of which may be of interest to environmental observation practitioners. Selected courses provided by other organisations are also listed

Free satellite data


Data Procurement Initiative

UKSA The UK Space Agency’s Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) will provide access to archives of images and radar data for research and development projects. In March 2019, UKSA procured access to an unprecedented amount of high resolution satellite imagery of the UK under a trial programme. It is available for use by the public sector and those demonstrating a working collaboration with the public sector.

Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital

NE  This Natural England report identifies key components of the environment, essential for the long term provision of benefits on which society relies. It outlines a new approach to developing indicators and highlights those which may provide effective early warnings of change

UK natural capital: Ecosystem service accounts, 1997 to 2015

ONS The latest UK natural capital accounts, published 30/01/2018, estimating the volume and value of benefits we receive from the UK natural capital. The accounts highlight the relative importance of key services provided by UK natural assets, including recreational benefits, air pollutant removal and the provision of energy and water.
UK tree cover outside woodlands FC Summary report and statistical report on the area of land under tree cover in small woods, groups of trees and lone trees outside National Forest Inventory (NFI) woodland. Also includes the numbers and mean areas of these tree cover features, plus estimates of lengths and areas of hedgerows. Statistics are for England, Scotland, Wales, GB, individual NFI regions, and separately for urban and rural areas
Technologies to gather natural environment data SNH In June 2017, Scottish Natural Heritage organised a workshop in Perth, Scotland, on the theme of using technology to gather data about the natural environment
WOW website Met Office Weather Observations Website - share your weather observations, weather impacts and weather-related photos
Natural Resources Monitoring Framework for Wales   NERC-CEH; BGS; WG; NRW The GMEP project was tasked with identifying options and developing recommendations for an integrated natural resources monitoring framework for Wales