Meet the secretariat team

UKEOF has a small Secretariat, hosted by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH).

Don Monteith

Don Monteith

Programme Manager & Secretariat Team Leader

Don coordinates the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN) and UK Upland Waters Network (UWMN). He has over 20 years’ experience in long-term environmental monitoring, survey and assessment of the ecological health of semi-natural ecosystems. His research has focussed on the causes and consequences of long-term environmental change, particularly with respect to the impacts of air pollution, climate change and land use on the biogeochemistry and ecology of upland lakes and streams and their catchments.

DanMDan Morton

Secretariat Lead for Earth Observation Cal/Val WG

Dan is a remote sensing specialist with a background in software engineering, biological computation and ecological modelling. He created the software tools that are used by UKCEH to produce the UK Land Cover Maps and established the project that has led to the UKCEH crop maps. He has worked on large-scale satellite monitoring of the land surface at home and overseas and is interested in developing operational methods that enable frequent and rapid assessments of the land surface.

Lisa NortonLisa Norton

Secretariat Lead for Natural Capital WG

As a plant / landscape ecologist, Lisa has led and been involved with the UK Countryside Survey, a national survey incorporating habitats, landscape features, vegetation, soils and water, for almost 20 years. Her research focuses on monitoring and management of natural capital for ecosystem service (ES) delivery.

Michael PocockMichael Pocock

Secretariat Lead for Citizen Science WG

Michael is an ecologist at UKCEH, working in the Biological Records Centre. He runs citizen science activities (engaging thousands of people), uses volunteer-collected data for research, and supports best practice in citizen science. He also studies the impacts of environmental change on the networks of interactions between species.

Dan ReadDan Read

Secretariat Lead for UKDNA WG

Dan leads the Molecular Ecology research group at UKCEH Wallingford. His research primarily focuses on the application of molecular techniques to describe biodiversity and function in aquatic ecosystems. He has worked on projects for the Environment Agency (EA) and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to develop environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques for the assessment of lake fish, as well as leading research into the dissemination of antimicrobial resistance in freshwater ecosystems.

Jo SavageJo Savage

Programme Coordinator

Jo is a field ecologist at UKCEH. Her research focuses on enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem service delivery in agricultural and grassland ecosystems. She is also interested in projects that encourage stakeholders across all communities to work together for the benefit of the natural environment.

AndyAndy Sier

Communications Lead / Webmaster

As a content creator, Andy's role in UKCEH is primarily to provide visual design and website management support for a wide range of projects and initiatives. He has worked on the communications activities of a wide range of projects and international networks concerned with environmental observation, including the UK Environmental Change Network.

MarciaMarcia Spencer

Secretariat Support for Natural Capital and Earth Observation Cal/Val WGs

Marcia is an experienced Project Support Officer and Event Manager whose role at UKCEH involves supporting the project office across a number of NC projects and initiatives including FDRI, UK-SCAPE and Hydro-JULES.


Gayatri Suman

Secretariat Support for Data Advisory Group

Gayatri is a Hydrological Data scientist at UKCEH where she supports the acquisition, quality control and dissemination processes for the UK National River Flow Archive (NRFA), the UK's focal point for hydrometric data. She is also responsible for the processing and quality control of incoming river flow submissions from the UK Hydrometric Measuring Authorities at the national scale. Gayatri is a postgraduate in water and environmental engineering with merit and has a Masters degree in Geosciences with distinction. 

Stephen TurnerStephen Turner

Secretariat Lead for Data Advisory Group

Stephen is a hydrologist at UKCEH and works on the National River Flow Archive. He is involved in all aspects of the data cycle including data acquisition, quality control and dissemination, with a focus on improvements to data and metadata quality and completeness.