For the framework to succeed, ‘buy-in’ and ownership from the diverse community with an interest in observations is essential. This includes funders, scientists, policy makers and engineers: all those who plan, undertake and /or use the results of observations.

The stakeholders of the framework are wider than the UKEOF membership and include industry and non-governmental organisations, who are encouraged to engage in the appropriate UKEOF activities.

Groups have been established to support a number of the UKEOF activities, drawing upon experts in the community. For example the UKEOF Data Advisory Group has been set up to provide advice and input on the Data Initiative and has members that span across the environmental data community.

In the current economic climate the importance of collaboration and the identification of opportunities to discuss efficiencies to maximise value for money has increased. UKEOF is therefore working to:

  • Provide support and a neutral space for discussions between organisations
  • Increase both recognition and value of longer term observation activities amongst funders, users and potential users
  • Support and provide advice where necessary to relevant groups and initiatives
  • Work with UKEOF partners and stakeholders to encourage the use of the UKEOF tool kit

The outputs of UKEOF activities will be targeted in relation to the issue as appropriate. However this relies on the community to be proactive – so please tell us if you want to be involved and how.

UKEOF also engages with the wider community via newsletters, this website and workshops.