EO Calibration and Validation (Working Group)

A new UKEOF Working Group that is currently being established
  • EOCV-WG Chair: Position vacant
  • Secretariat Lead: Dan Morton
  • Secretariat Support: Position vacant

Satellite-based earth observation has undergone fundamental change in the last decade. Vast quantities of analysis-ready satellite data have become freely available. Simultaneous advances in processing tools and cloud computing infrastructure are enabling rapid and large-scale analyses. However, the availability of in situ data needed for the interpretation of satellite signals has not kept pace and outputs have been compromised. Over the same interval, the affordability and functionality of small unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) have seen rapid improvements. With increased uptake and applications, the legislative framework with regard to privacy, controlled air-space and public safety has had to evolve rapidly. 

In response to these developments a new UKEOF Working Group is being established. 

The new EO Calibration and Validation Working Group (EOCV-WG) will take a holistic view of the role of earth observation (satellite and drones) within UK-wide environmental monitoring, focussing on linking observations across spatial scales, i.e. from ground observations to drones to satellites. The two main objectives of the group are to:

  1. Provide a forward-thinking position and forum for best practice with regard to technological updates and the changing legislative framework
  2. Communicate the in situ needs of wider observation framework to realise cost-effective observations to support UK-scale analyses of remotely sensed images.

Further details of the group will be provided in due course.