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If you would like to get involved in a UKEOF Working Group or find out more information please contact the secretariat on office@ukeof.org.uk.

Citizen Science


Citizen science - broadly defined as the involvement of volunteers in science - has  the potential to help meet some of the challenging demands of environmental monitoring at the national scale.
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Data Advisory Group


Our Data Advisory Group (DAG) is a collaborative forum established to increase awareness of environmental observations and to bring organisations together to discuss data sharing initiatives at the UK, EU and global level.
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DNA has a range of potentially valuable applications in environmental monitoring, from detecting rare or invasive species through to characterising whole communities. The UK DNA Working Group (UKDNA WG) is a forum for the wide community of government agencies, academics and other stakeholders to discuss priorities and emerging developments in the use of DNA for environmental monitoring.
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EO Cal Val


The UKEOF Earth Observation Calibration & Validation Working Group takes an holistic view of the role of earth observation (satellite and drones) within UK-wide environmental monitoring, focussing on linking observations across spatial scales, i.e. from ground observations to drones to satellites.
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Natural Capital


Natural capital assets are those aspects of the natural environment that underpin delivery of ecosystem services or benefits. In relation to natural capital metrics, UKEOF aims to identify relevant environmental observation priorities and gaps. Maintaining a healthy stock of natural capital assets is a key government objective and meeting that objective requires an effective monitoring strategy.
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Recent 'Task and Finish' groups

Monitoring & Modelling


A time-limited 'Task and Finish' Group on monitoring & modelling. Having achieved its objective, it is no longer active.
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Other activities


For the framework to succeed, ‘buy-in’ and ownership from the diverse community with an interest in observations is essential. This includes funders, scientists, policy makers and others who plan, undertake and /or use the results of observations.
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