Citizen Science resources

Resources from UKEOF relating to environmental citizen science

Cover of UKEOF report on impacts of COVID-19 on environmental citizen science in the UKReports and publications

Motivations for Citizen Science final report
Final report of the 'motivations' study

Motivations Leaflet (English)
Original English version of our citizen science motivations leaflet

Citizen science motivations summary leaflet (German)
German translation of our citizen science motivations summary leaflet

Video: Evaluating a citizen science project
This video explains the importance of evaluation in citizen science projects, explaining how to incorporate it into all stages of a project. It is based on the UKEOF report 'Understanding Motivations for Citizen Science' by Hilary Geoghegan, Alison Dyke, Rachel Pateman and Sarah West

What encourages and discourages citizen science participation?
A summary of the factors that either encouraged or discouraged people to take part in citizen science projects

Barriers to stakeholder participation in citizen science
The key barriers to using citizen science faced by science, policy and practice stakeholders

  • Costs & benefits of citizen science: UKEOF commissioned WRc plc in partnership with CEH and FERA to undertake a study towards a methodology for evaluating opportunities, costs and benefits of citizen science, resulting in a report and cost-benefit analysis tool

Cost & Benefit report
Report of the costs & benefits study

Cost & Benefit Leaflet
Leaflet summarising the costs & benefits study

Cost & Benefit tool
Cost-benefit analysis tool (beta-version)