Natural Capital resources

Underpinning UK Natural Capital Approaches: Publication (leaflet)

This leaflet has been created by the UKEOF community (UKEOF Natural Capital Working Group) to share knowledge and best practice for incorporating existing environmental monitoring into a natural capital management approach. It provides a general introduction to natural capital, an overview of current work on assessing natural capital assets across the UK and, using three case studies, shows how current monitoring schemes have been adapted for use in natural capital assessment.

Underpinning UK Natural Capital Approaches: Reference list

A copy of the reference list used in the 'Underpinning UK Natural Capital Approaches' leaflet, with: (i) full author lists; (ii) links to online sources/DOIs; (iii) where appropriate, the date the online source was accessed when writing the leaflet.

UKEOF Natural Capital workshop, April 2017: Report

The UKEOF workshop titled “Environmental Observation to Support Natural Capital Assessment” was held in Birmingham on 20 April 2017. // The workshop was attended by 26 representatives of UKEOF partner organisations from across the UK. // The aims of the workshop were to (1) Share understanding of how well current monitoring and other observations enable natural capital to be measured; (2) Explore the observational data requirements of current approaches for natural capital, covering UK interests including the 25 Year Plan for the Environment; (3) Assess the gaps in available monitoring data and consider how these gaps can be filled. // The main output of the day was a set of prioritised ideas that could form the basis of an action plan for how environmental monitoring for Natural Capital purposes needs to evolve. The ideas collectively contribute to the overall goal to develop ‘A framework for UK monitoring and assessment of Natural Capital’. There are three groupings of coordination activities under this overall goal: Sharing Knowledge, Investigating Techniques and Data, and Making the Case.