Decision Support Framework

Resources relating to the Decision Support Framework

The Decision Support Framework helps partners to make transparent decisions on the uses and funding of observations.

UKEOF developed the Decision Support Framework as a tool to help public sector funders to:

  • Make transparent informed decisions regarding the funding of environmental observations.
  • Improve decisions on contributions to existing or proposed national and international programmes.
  • Optimise each organisations investments so to avoid overlap, duplication or redundancy.
  • Recognise dependencies and work in partnership with others.

Elements of a Decision Support Framework

There are four main elements required to make informed decisions:

  • A set of common criteria
  • Sound evidence
  • A Forum for discussion and governance
  • A means of implementation

These elements are described in the 'UKEOF Decision Support Framework - Concepts and Tools' document. The Decision Support Framework has been adapted to help provide evidence to the Government Chief Scientific Advisor’s (GCSA) Observations Committee.

The UKEOF Statement of Need and Catalogue are also tools that can support organisations in decision making.