Catalogue - Background

The UKEOF Environmental Observation Catalogue lists UK funded environmental observation programmes, and is the first database of its kind in the UK.

It contains over 1200 metadata records of environmental observation activities undertaken and funded by public and third sector organisations.


Catalogue development history

  • Based on the results of a consultation with the community in February 2008, an interim catalogue was planned.
  • In June 2009 a Data Solutions Workshop provided an opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the new catalogue.
  • A Data Advisory Group was established and began meeting regularly to discuss the catalogue development in the wider data landscape.
  • The interim catalogue went live in August 2009.
  • By May 2010 the catalogue had over 1060 activities recorded accessed by over 700 unique users.
  • In Autumn 2010 organisations updated and cleaned the information held within the catalogue.
  • Relevant social and economic information was added to the catalogue.
  • June 2012 - The decision to develop the catalogue further was agreed and the upgrade was started.
  • June 2014- The upgraded catalogue was launched on the website

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