About the catalogue



The UKEOF Catalogue provides access to information about environmental observations, offering a unique UK overview. It enables easy access to up-to-date information on the UK's monitoring programmes. More information about the features in the Catalogue can be found here.


The UKEOF Catalogue contains over 2000 metadata records of environmental observations undertaken and funded by public and third sector organisations.

The Catalogue provides a unique management tool to underpin the activities and requirements of the environmental observation community. It provides a strong basis for strategic planning, giving a holistic overview of environmental observations as well as a place to:

  • Discover who is doing what, where, why and when.
  • It records information on four monitoring types- activity,facility,network and programme
  • Make contact with observation managers.
  • Find out where the data is held and if it is available for reuse.

The catalogue is a work in progress. We hope that by making this resource available and accessible its value will be realised and organisations will be encouraged to supply information and use the information supplied by others. The catalogue currently includes the information we have been provided by organisations. While all reasonable attempts are being made to ensure the information included is up to date, accurate and complete we cannot independently verify the status of activities entries.

The UKEOF Catalogue provides information on UK observation activities, but there are many other environmental and non-environmental datasets and sources of information which can be used to support environmental research. To help, a document Places to look for environmental data (2012) was developed by the UKEOF DAG. In addition links to social and economic information which are outside of the UKEOF remit but may provide supporting or additional evidence when addressing key questions and issues have been identified. 

If you have any questions please contact office@ukeof.org.uk.