UK DNA Working Group eDNA Week - Webinar recordings

All the recordings from a week long series of eDNA webinars are now available to view

From 17-21 January 2022 the UK DNA Working Group (a part of UKEOF) held a series of webinars concerning eDNA. Daily seminars involving both UK and international speakers covered a range of topics in eDNA research and applications, from regulatory end users of eDNA tools, to academic researchers and commercial companies researching and applying eDNA techniques.

The five recordings are now available to view online (YouTube).

Day 1 - 17th January

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Willie Duncan (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) 

The Scottish DNA Hub, Developing Habitat Scale DNA monitoring 

Judy England (Environment Agency)  

Ecological Challenges. 

Debbie Leatherland (Natural England) 

Natural England’s evidence needs for Protected Site and Agri-environment Monitoring 

Katie Clark (Natural England) 

Priorities, progress and plans - Defra Centre of Excellence for DNA based methods 

Phil Davison (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science) and Iveta Matejusova (Marine Scotland Science) 

DNA based applications in marine ecosystems 

Day 2 - 18th January

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Mike Bunce 

Community Engagement, Biobanks, Accessible Data and Deterrents – how important are these elements in a rapidly developing eDNA landscape?  

Michael Stat 

Working with industry to characterise biodiversity and survey for invasive species using eDNA. 

Tristan Cordier 

Harnessing environmental genomics and machine learning for routine biomonitoring. 

Rosetta Blackman 

Spatial-temporal patterns of biodiversity and food-web characteristics across a river catchment using eDNA. 

Rachel Meyer 

Sustaining a citizen science eDNA program in California: challenges and opportunities

Day 3 - 19th January

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Sarah Bourlat 

Challenges and possibilities for the assessment of terrestrial arthropod communities using DNA-based methods. 

Louis Bernatchez 

Toward eDNA analysis as a globally accepted approach for fish management and conservation. 

Ryan Kelly 

Making eDNA Boring. 

Melania Cristescu 

Can eRNA pick up where eDNA fails? 

Masaki Miya

Environmental DNA metabarcoding: A novel method for biodiversity monitoring of marine fish communities. 

Day 4 - 20th January

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Sebastian Mynott (Applied Genomics) 

Advancing eDNA-based survey technologies for improved biodiversity monitoring. 

Alice Valentini (Spygen) 

SPYGEN: 10 years of expertise in eDNA for biodiversity monitoring 

Helen Rees (ADAS)

Development of eDNA assays for rare and invasive freshwater snails. 

Kat Bruce (NatureMetrics) 

Scaling up: Using eDNA to inform management and conservation of nature around the world 

Day 5 - 21st January

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Florian Leese 

Back to the future: National roadmaps (hopefully) pave the way for harmonised international biomonitoring 2.0. 

Kristy Deiner 

Measuring global biodiversity through understanding biogeochemical cycling of environmental DNA in lakes 

Naiara Rodriguez 

From estuaries to the deep ocean: diving into the potential of eDNA for assessing fish diversity 

Wrap up talk (Si Creer) 

Q&A with all speakers