Bringing monitoring & modelling communities together

Over 30 delegates attended our Monitoring & Modelling workshop in March 2018.

The UK Environmental Observation Framework assembled a working group to co-design with partners a workshop on Monitoring and Modelling. The event attracted more than 30 delegates from 15 partner organisations to Birmingham on 7th March 2018.

The purpose of this workshop was to foster relations between monitoring and modelling communities within UKEOF partner organisations to promote two way interaction.  In particular, the role of modelling in helping to design monitoring programmes was explored.

The main outcomes from the workshop included knowledge exchange over good practice, greater understanding of monitoring/modelling and awareness of the efficiencies and opportunities afforded by innovative monitoring. We also identified opportunities for enhanced engagement between monitoring and modelling communities, priorities for future activities (including research), and where UKEOF can facilitate.

The workshop agenda is available here. 

Slides of the four 10 minute topic (case study) presentations are available here.

Slides from the 3 Minute Challenge Innovation presentations are available here.

A summary report from the meeting will be available here soon.

For further information please email UKEOF on or contact the lead organiser Gareth Old (email:, tel: 01491 692486).