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UKEOF EO Cal/Val Working Group meeting: Optimal integration of drone surveys within UK Environmental Monitoring

Meeting of the UKEOF EO Cal/Val Working Group on 18 May (14:00 - 16:30)

Chair: Environment Agency (Andrew Richman)
Secretariat: UKCEH (Daniel Morton)

The UKEOF EO Cal/Val group was established in 2021. Its objective it to promote the integration of environmental observations across scales: from satellites to drones, to in situ sensors and field surveys leading towards enhanced environmental information. 

In January 2019 the UKEOF joined a two-day, mutli-agency and -research group meeting entitled ‘Application of Drones in Environmental Regulation and Monitoring’ hosted by ShARE. This was enthusiastically attended, demonstrating a strong UK-wide interest in drone-based monitoring. The UKEOF EO/Cal Val group will therefore facilitate further discussions to support enhanced integration of drone surveys within UK-environmental monitoring. This meeting is for everyone interested in the application of drone data within their monitoring activities, including those with little or no experience and an interest to learn more.

Our first goal is to determine the wealth of drone activity, applications and aspirations within the UK monitoring community. This will help us to prioritise future meetings. Below is a draft agenda designed to fulfil this. This agenda will evolve, so a final version will be shared shortly before the meeting.

Invitation to present at the meeting

To help fill the speaking slots we invite 10-minute talks from anyone who wishes to share their drone-based environmental monitoring experiences. These talks might represent applications of drone-data, the logistics of capturing and processing drone data or both. If you would like to present, please provide a brief title by emailing We suggest you structure your presentation into four headings:

  1. Monitoring objective (The organisation you represent, what you are trying to monitor and why)
  2. Drone data required (eg, optical, lidar, video, other)
  3. Challenges encountered and your solutions (eg instrumentation, processing requirements, image stitching, software used, computation, data interpretation)
  4. Outstanding challenges, difficulties, issues (eg, obtaining flight permission, inadequate computation facilities).

Provisional agenda

Session 1

1. Introduction from secretariat and chair. 14:00

2. Overview of drone operations in UK. 14:10

Talk 1. TBC
Talk 2. TBC
Talk 3. TBC
Talk 4. TBC

3. Questions/Discussion. 14:50

Session 2

1. Complete Questionnaire including delegate break. 15:00

We will exchange an online questionnaire with delegates. Its purpose will be to determine the range of activity, experience, challenges faced, aspirations and interests of the delegates.

2. Chair and secretariat summarise questionnaire to delegates. 15:30

3. General discussion: Informed by questionnaire. 15:40

Likely topics include: data types, capabilities, common requirements, centralised information for drone data discovery and access. 

4. Wrap-up, next steps. 16:00

5. Close ~16:30