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From our Partners

CEH training courses - CEH offers a range of training courses, some of which may be of interest to environmental observation practitioners
Free satellite data - The UK Space Agency’s Space for Smarter Government Programme (SSGP) will provide access to archives of images and radar data for research and development projects
Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital - This Natural England report identifies key components of the environment, essential for the long term provision of benefits on which society relies. It outlines a new approach to developing indicators and highlights those which may provide effective early warnings of change
UK natural capital: Ecosystem service accounts, 1997 to 2015 - The latest UK natural capital accounts, published 30/01/2018, estimating the volume and value of benefits we receive from the UK natural capital
UK tree cover outside woodlands - The area of land under tree cover in small woods, groups of trees & lone trees outside National Forest Inventory (NFI) woodland. Includes numbers & mean areas plus estimates of hedgerow lengths & areas
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