Conference presentations & posters

Slide presentations given by speakers and posters displayed at the conference may be downloaded from here. Only files from those speakers and poster authors who gave us permission to share their file are included.

Speakers' presentations

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  1. A speaker at our UKEOF 2020 conferenceDoug Wilson, UKEOF Management Group Chair - Conference introduction | Video
  2. Rob Bradburne, Defra - The importance of environmental monitoring and observation in meeting evidence needs | Video
  3. Rich Walmsley, EA - Freshwater quality monitoring | Video
  4. Christine Braban, UKCEH - Air quality and effects monitoring | Video
  5. Anna Scaife, University of Manchester - Land surface monitoring | Video
  6. Anna Robinson, JNCC - Monitoring terrestrial biodiversity | Video
  7. Pete Henrys, UKCEH - Integrating data across different scales and extents | Video
  8. Johan Schutten, SEPA - Evidence, trust and citizen science | Video
  9. Lisa Norton, UKCEH - Defra-UKCEH Strategic Partnership Agreement: Mapping and measuring natural capital | Video
  10. Robie Kamanyire, PHE - Environmental monitoring and human health | Video
  11. Rob Ward, BGS - Monitoring the impacts of 'fracking' | Video
  12. Christine Reid, Woodland Trust - Environmental monitoring at the Woodland Trust | Video

Additional videos

Attendees' posters

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