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Review confirms the value of UKEOF to the observation and monitoring community

The recent review of UKEOF has confirmed its value to the observation and monitoring community across the UK.   Partners and other users shared their thoughts on the current role and future need for UKEOF through an on-line survey and directly though the UKEOF Management Group.

The respondents were strongly supportive of the role of UKEOF, and of the three key benefits:

  1. UK wide exchange of knowledge
  2. production of joint outputs and activities
  3. developing strategic agendas and partnership approaches.

The UK-wide remit of the partnership was particularly valued, as the only UK body bringing together this expertise. UKEOF was seen as an important way to keep informed of new developments, and as an efficient way to do this through a single mechanism rather than multiple, separate routes.

One user commented that if UKEOF didn’t exist, we would need to invent it!

Prof David Raffaelli provided independent feedback on the review; the UKEOF Management Group were extremely grateful for these comments, which helped shape the final recommendations. 

"If UKEOF didn’t exist, we would need to invent it"

The endorsement of UKEOF provided by the review has been used by partners to make the case for continued funding and we look forward to continuing to provide the valued UKEOF service.