Searching the catalogue

When you visit the catalogue home page, all records will be displayed by default. The number of records available will be displayed below the search options.

As you type a query in the search box, the results list changes dynamically to display only records that match your search.

basic search

The word you search for can appear anywhere in the record. The search will find occurrences of search terms as partial words where they are at the beginning of a word – so a search for "bird" returns results for bird, birds and birdwatch but not seabird.

To broaden a search, you can use the asterix wildcard (*). This is a substitute for or letter or sequence of letters in the search phrase. For example, searching for *bird* will return results containing the word bird, birds, birdwatch, seabird, waterbirds, etc.

You can search for multiple terms by simply separating words with a space. For example searching for weather station will return any records containing the word weather OR station as well as records containing the phrase weather station.

If you want to restrict your search to a specific phrase, enclose the phrase in double quote marks (""). For example searching for "weather station" will ONLY return results containing the phrase weather station not records which contain the words weather or station.

The search is very powerful and it is possible to perform complex searches using operators such as AND, OR and NOT - see enhanced search for more information

Filtering results

The Filter button opens up additional options to allow you to filter records by:

  • Type of record (i.e. show just activities, facilities, networks or programmes)
  • Record category. Currently there is only one option here - "Citizen science".  Choose the citizen science option to show only records tagged with that category.
  • The environmental domain in which the monitoring is taking place
  • Lead Organisation – start typing and a list of matching organisations will appear; select one from the list.
  • Purpose of collection
  • ECV (Essential Climate Variables) keyword.

Advaned search

Spatial search

Clicking on the Map search button opens a map and allows you to filter records by location. See Spatial search

Advanced search

Advanced search terms are available for finding very specific records. See Advanced search